Do I have ADD?

Since the age of twelve I have found it calming and cathartic to pick up a notebook and start writing a story.  Most people called me a nerd or a bookworm or other names I don’t care to mention but I always felt like it was what worked for me.  After I went to college to become a teacher and learned the symptoms of ADD as part of my curriculum as a middle school teacher I realized that some of those symptoms really described what I went through as a student.  Now, as an adult I have about ten million responsibilities on a daily basis.  I have two small children, one who just turned nine yesterday and the other who turned six in October.  Between taking care of them, providing a clean home and good food for my husband and designing lesson plans for my classes I really have almost no time for writing and yet it calls me all the time.  I want to write at the most inappropriate times.  I will be teaching a class and see a student do something and think about jotting it down for no reason.  I will be talking about one subject and a random thought will pop into my mind and I will want to sit down and write it down and get it out of me.  Unfortunately, since I teach and I really can’t do that without the students either thinking I am crazy or the principal getting on me for not doing my job, I lose a LOT of good ideas.  Sometimes I wonder if this is a blessing or a curse?  It seems to only hit me when I don’t have the opportunity to write it down and then when I do have the time to write it down I am so distracted by the trappings of every day life, such as housework, laundry, and unfortunately but believable social media that I don’t pay the attention to writing that I need to.  My muse is a fickle little miss and I need to find a way to pay attention to her that warrants the random thoughts but also gives me time to take care of my family, any suggestions?